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All In One PC

An all in one PC is very good for people that need a big screen (bigger than a laptop) and a desktop’s power for productivity and browsing, but don’t want a big tower sitting on their desk.

The best all in one PC combine a desktop and monitor to give you the desktop power you need of a tower, without space using and the cables that tangle all the time. We have tested a lot of all in one desktops (Windows and Apple iMacs) to find the best all in one PC you can buy from the market.

All in one desktops are a great option for those seeking a great home computer, a space saver and bigger screen space — the all in one pc take up less room than traditional desktops, with the same power, and offer more screen space than the largest laptops. These great systems have their components, ports and monitors into a single unit, allowing you to easily put one on your desk, plug in and start working or playing.

We cater within metro cebu and nearby cities and cash on delivery are available for 30K and below orders. We might charge for the delivery and we may require down payment for 30k and up items.