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🚀 Unlock Your Side Hustle Potential with BlueArm Reseller Program 50% Commission! 🌟

Are you searching for a chance to transform your free time into a profitable venture? BlueArm presents an ideal opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to become tech-savvy entrepreneurs with zero upfront investment. Enroll in our Reseller and Dealer Program today and kickstart your journey to earn a 50% commission on every sale!

Why Choose BlueArm?

No Capital Needed: You don't need to invest a single penny! Our program allows you to start your business hassle-free.

IT-Related Products: Dive into the world of technology with our diverse range of products, including laptops, computers, printers, software, and more.

User-Friendly Website: Navigate our easy-to-use website at to find and share our top-notch products with your network.

Flexible Delivery Options: Choose from our convenient delivery options - let us handle it for a fee, pick it up from our store, or let your customers collect their purchases directly.

How It Works:

  1. Visit Explore our website and discover a wide array of IT-related products.

  2. Share with Friends: Spread the word! Share your favorite products with your friends, family, and network through social media, messaging apps, or in-person.

  3. Get Orders: Confirm the actual price and availability of the item, Once your network places an order you're on your way to earning!

  4. Choose Your Delivery Option:

    • Let us deliver it for a fee.
    • Pick up the item from our store and deliver it to your customers.
    • Allow your customers to pick up directly from our physical shop.

  5. Earn 50% Commission: Receive a whopping 50% commission on the total profit for every successful sale!

  6. Get Paid: We handle the payment process. Once we receive the payment, we promptly transfer your commission to your preferred account.

Why BlueArm Resellers Succeed: 

🤝 Supportive Community: Connect with fellow resellers and tap into a network of support and advice.

📈 Unlimited Earning Potential: Your earnings grow with every successful sale, providing a scalable income source.

📱 Marketing Tools: Access marketing materials and tips to boost your sales and expand your reach.

🌐 Nationwide Reach: With our online platform, you can reach customers all over the Philippines.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our Bluearm Facebook Page and message us to become our reseller or fillup the form below, and kickstart your journey into the world of technology. Turn your passion for IT into a rewarding side hustle with BlueArm! Join us now and start earning while enjoying the flexibility of working from home. The future of your side hustle begins here! 🚀💻✨