Are you planning to buy a new laptop for your work or for online study but your budget is not enough to buy a brandnew laptop? 

With Bluearm you can now avail your dream laptop through installments or buy now pay later payment.

What are the available installment plans?

1.Home Credit Installment

Avail 0% Interest upto 18 months.

To avail Home Credit Installment.
a. Please visit our store

Bluearm Computer Shop
Address: M.L Quezon Avenue Casuntingan Mandaue City
Landmark: Beside Don Benitos before Gaisano Capital
Contact Numbers: 0933 813 0013 | 032 345 6611

b. Please bring 2 valid IDs (much beter if you can bring more IDs if you have)
c. Please bring 20-30% or more of the total loanable amount


2. ATOME (debit/credit card installment)

Buy now, pay later mobile app that splits your bill into three equal payments over three months.

a. 6 months and 12 months has 1.5% interest rate
b. your downpayment serves as your first month payment
c. Debit Card has 15,000php credit limit and credit card has 50,000php credit limit

How to avail 
1. download atome app from google playstore
2. install and signup 
3. once approve please get back to us for your order and we will give you the checkout link.

3. Bilease Buy Now Pay Later

a. Pay Later in 10-30 Days: 1 Time Fee 5%
Customers pay later on their next payday or 10-30 days for purchases up to PHP 3,000. 0% interest. Spendable amounts can be guaranteed subject to approval.

b. Pay in 4 Installments: 1 Time Fee 5%
Customers pay only 1/4 upfront and the rest in 3 payments every two weeks. 0% interest

c. Pay Monthly: 1 Time Fee 1.5%
Customers pay in 3 monthls or longer depending on unlocked terms. Low interest at only 3.49%/mo. May or may not require down payment depending on approved credit limit or BillEase Limit Boost. 

Customers pay only 1/3 upfront and the rest up to 12 months. Low interest.

How to Apply in Billease Installment?
1. You should have an approve billease account. Learn how to signup here.
2. Let us know the model or unit 
3. Provide us your details
4. We will send you the link or QR code for checkout
5. Checkout and Pay the downpayment
6. Just wait for your item to arrive.

If you have any questions please message us on our facebook page.